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Death in the Family is a series of five darkly (comedic) whimsical two-hander vignettes about the effects of death, grief, and trauma: whether it’s two preteens pondering the ramifications of being born, brothers who wonder if anyone else is as lonely, if and when revenge is justified, what happens to the people left behind after violence, or how older and younger siblings experience parents in different ways, Death in the Family let’s us in on the conversations we may never get to have. 



B. Bastian 

Duane Chivon Ferguson 

Natasha Hakata

Ground Chuck 

Alex Mooteelall 



Kendra Augustin (Playwright) 

Benjamin Ernest Abraham (Director)

Summer Dawn (Producer)

Sara Minisquero (Stage Manager)

Liliane Wolf (Fight Coordinator)

Patrícia Marjorie (Prop and Set Design)

Madeline Parks (Projection Design)

Jules Peiperl (Costume Design)

A.J. Avivah (Makeup Artist)

Joe Velez (Sound Design)

Clementine Martinez (Graphic Illustration)

Doug Stoveken (Videographer)

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