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What happens in the space between realizing that a marriage is over and deciding what to do next? "What Will Become of Kaaron? A Slideshow of Possibilities" explores the fears of the unknown, as writer and performer Kaaron Briscoe puzzles through all things that could happen after her divorce. Will she be the kind of divorcee that wears kitten heels and cheetah print? Will she find love with a man whose family doesn't remember her name? Why does her mother keep calling in the middle of the show?

Through a whimsical slideshow, Kaaron delves into the scenarios life could take her. As her guests, we are invited to question our comfort zones, but also the options life holds for us when we choose to close our eyes and take a leap of faith. Directed by Patricia Marjorie, "What Will Become of Kaaron? A Slideshow of Possibilities" challenges us to sit with discomfort and laugh at it.

Written and Performed by Kaaron Briscoe

Directed by Patricia Marjorie

Associate Producer | Danielle Villela

Set Design, Costume Design & Props | Patricia Marjorie

Lighting & Sound Design | Rodrigo Fischer

Associate Designer, Graphic Design & Slides | Yasmin Santana

Photography | Clovis Gomis

Voice overs | Lynnette R Freeman & Sandro Isaack

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