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The Nine Dreams: Blake & the Apocalypse by writer Nick Flynn 


At the dawn of the industrial revolution, William Blake (1757-1827) attempted an apocalyptic prophesy in the form of a nine-volume an epic titled Vala. Blake’s original text echoes our current historical moment with disturbing and electrifying specificity: brutality animates human relations; natural disasters of a biblical magnitude are a constant (“Behold! The time approaches fast / that thou shalt be as a thing forgotten / when one speaks of thee / he will not be believed”). Poet and playwright Nick Flynn has distilled Blake’s sprawling masterpiece into The Nine Dreams. The Houston production of The Nine Dreams is directed by Meghan Finn and includes artwork by Mel Chin, Ashley Hinson, and Pedro Reyes; music by Guy Barash and Noveller; video by David Pym and Gabriel Martinez; costumes by Suzanne Bocanegra; and performances by Lili Taylor (virtual) and students from the UH School of Theatre & Dance and Creative Writing Program.

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