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Mañanaland is an interactive trans-media piece that explores a utopian alternate universe where the social and political conflicts of today are a thing of the past.

Experience this hybrid virtual-physical world through a virtual news network and a series of SCAVENGAR AR Hunts across three of the five boroughs of NYC. Immerse yourself in the theatrical narrative and compete for points via the SCAVENGAR hunts for a chance to win the grand prize.

Mañanaland was envisioned by renowned conceptual and visual artist Pedro Reyes, and created in collaboration with The Tank, and Technodramatists, and brought to life by Amped Labs Scavangar. It brings together director and Artistic Director of The Tank Meghan Finn, Associate Director Gabriel Torres, and a team of writers led by Executive Producer Johnny G. Lloyd, including Z. Majid, Kaaron Briscoe, Katelynn Kenney and Jason Pizzarello. The Mañanaland hunt experience is designed by Lorne Svarc, CEO of Technodramatists and AR Art by NOVABY

Follow us on @mananaistoday to immerse yourself in our world, and read below for how to play the AR hunts, which can be completed in their own time, on an individual basis.

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