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Directed by JohnCollins

PROPS DESIGNER - Symphony Space

may 2022

Ulysses, Joyce’s complex, maddening, and epic novel chronicling a single day in turn-of-the-century Dublin, has famously perplexed scholars and readers alike for a century. The ERS ensemble brings the novel to life, and performs a curated selection from each of the novel’s 18 episodes, with a mad dash of activity, speeding voices, and a full embrace of the text’s iconic mash-up of styles. Using the simple format of an academic panel discussion-turned-wild theatrical embodiment, the piece will reverberate with both the literary achievement of the novel and its notorious chaos, debauchery, and revelry.

ERS was commissioned to create Ulysses by Symphony Space as a part of its 2021 and 2022 Bloomsday on Broadway celebrations.


Dee Beasnael
Kate Benson
Maggie Hoffman
Vin Knight
Scott Shepherd
Christopher Rashee Stevenson
Stephanie Weeks
Director John Collins
Stage Manager -  Maurina Lioce
Scenic Design  - Dots
Costume Design -  Enver Chakartash
Lighting Design -  Marika Kent
Sound Design  - Ben Williams
Props Design  - Patricia Marjorie
Images by Kevin Yatarola

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