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 The Fish In A Top Hat Film Collective is proud to present CherryBomb, a comedic TV series coming out on Amazon Prime in 2022.

CherryBomb is a comedic TV series about two young, female entrepreneurs finding their purpose and career in New York City. Sofia (Mafalda Pinto Correia) and Iz (Sarah Barnett) are best friends who attempt to survive the struggles of NYC but always end up in deep trouble. Over the course of 6 episodes of around 25 minutes, they come up with crazy ideas such as selling furniture they found on the streets, making crafts with peanut butter, and even joining an underground female fight club – all of which bring them to quite uncomfortable situations. However, their strong friendship, added to the tight connections they make along the way with their peers Gordan (Christopher Ward), Michelle (Ana Moioli), Ernest (Jason Lee), Magner (Tim Stainrod), Michael (Sergey Petrov), Nastia (Daria Savishkina), and Amaya (Swarnima Singh), always prevail, as true bonding results from shared adventures.

Fish In A Top Hat Film Collective Inc. is an award winning production company based in NYC committed to bringing independent filmmakers together and taking part in a community centered around creativity. Founded by Ryan Cairns, our past productions The Dine-And-Dash Dater, Blocked, blank, glass, Solar Wind, 3.5GHz, and Rain Dance have received significant recognition in the film industry such as the Chelsea Film Festival, Strasberg Film Festival, New York International Film Awards and Chelsea Film Festival.


Quinn Calvin   

Mafalda Pinto Correia

Set Designer :

Patricia Marjorie  

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