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I am a Brazilian Multidisciplinary Theatre Artist, working across playwriting, directing and scenic design. As an immigrant artist woman from a developing and colonized country where resources and financial support are scarce and cultural initiatives are underrated, I learned how to work with the available materials and creativity to keep the show on. As a theatre creator my goal is to democratize the making of art and break the myth that art is a hermetic unbreakable conception.

My interest is to connect people and create artistic experiences where we can spread social knowledge and make it a learning opportunity for the community in an uptight way - especially during this recovery of the pandemic, when the need for connection is sensibly intense.

Bringing Theatre as a tool of social-political evolution through discussions and philosophical questions about invisible oppressive systems that the less privileged communities are still not aware of, is my  artistic goal.

As a Multidisciplinary Artist I bring to the scene the reuse of sources, recycling of all kinds of materials often disposable as trash, and demonstrate how it can become gold elements to build an artistic experience - from the moment when you collect it - to the moment when you transform it, making it a full art experience. To open the comunity eyes for the possibilities of art making with available everyday sources and give them freedom to create and question old beliefs, is the best way to provoke a connection between people for a social goal.

Patricia Marjorie

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