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An American Show is a wide-sweeping concert/play structured in seven movements that explores the questions and limits (?) of blackness, performance, and country in a sensuous and reflective cabaret experience. As the music sounds, you drop down into a ritual of liberation, bearing witness to the playwright-performer's identity, heritage and legacy as a black woman in this America. This play collides with blues, jazz, neo soul, pop, rock and spiritual black legacies.

By Jillian Walker
Directed by Mei Ann Teo
Presented by The Bushwick Starr & National Black Theatre
in association with Musical Theatre Factory

Featuring: Tsebiyah Mishael Derry*, Lori Sinclair Minor* and Jillian Walker*
Musicians: Kasaun Henry, Bryce Collins, and Jason Smith

Music Direction/Co-composition, Arrangements and Orchestrations by Kasaun Henry Co-composition and Lyrics by Jillian Walker
Movement by nicHi douglas
Structural Dramaturgy by Mei Ann Teo and Jillian Walker
Scenic Designer: You-Shin Chen
Costume Designer/Visual Dramaturg: Irina Kruzhilina
Lighting Designer: Tuçe Yasak
Projection Designer: Kameron Neal
Associate Lighting Designer: Itohan Edoloyi
Assistant Scenic Designer/Props Master: Patricia Marjorie
Assistant Costume Designer: Anne Marie Gabalis
Props Assistant: Juliana Castro
Props Intern: Ana Moioli
Production Stage Manager: Katie Kennedy*
Assistant Stage Manager: Caren Celine Morris
Production Assistant: Lia Jones
Lead Scenic Charge: Erin Kiernan
Production Audio/A1: Samy Ravs
Master Electrician: Antígona González
Sound Consultant: James Williamson
Carpenters: Michael DeCaul, Rob Hille, Brian Jackson, Dylan Joyce, Jonathan Joyce, Joe Pietropaolo, Jeffrey Rowell, Adam Wyron
Electricians: Kourtney Charles, Samuel Grady, Kenneth Olguin, Ryan Seelig, Christina Tang
Sound Crew: Samy Ravs, Tyler Walkes
Drivers: Rob Hille, Rodrigo Fisher
Production Manager: Emma Johnson
Assistant Production Manager: Jack Scaletta
Technical Director/Sound Consultant: Jay Maury
Producer: John Del Gaudio
Assistant Producer: Amara Brady   

Photo by Maria Baranova

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