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There's Something Between Us (2007) | Comedy | Brasília-DF, Brasil

Role: Lead (Maria Rosa Vieira)

Written and directed by Arthur Tadeu Curado

There's Something Between Us narrates a night in the life of a famous author of books in crisis of creativity. Pressed by deadlines and unable to develop her long-awaited new novel, a celebrated writer Maria Rosa Vieira receives an unexpected visit: a character from her own book. He travels from the room of the unwritten characters to the author's home, where he will try to convince her to write it as he always dreamed of being. With sharp dialogues and fierce humor, the protagonists of this funny story develop a somewhat unusual relationship. And from this unusual encounter, neither of them will come out unscathed: Maria Rosa, the author, will be forced to confront some of her most painful memories and her creativity will be put in check. The Character will discover things about himself that he would rather never have known.

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