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Too Close to the End (2011) | Drama/Comedy | Brasília-DF, Brasil

Role:  Lead (Estela)

Written and directed by Arthur Tadeu Curado (awarded with the National Dramaturgy Contest, by the National Writers Association)

Too Close to the end the story is based on social relations. A devastated Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, and only four lives remaining on a whatever-in-the-future date - a detailed future, in which involution and a lack of social enthusiasm made disaster miserable, leaving little more than government rules to repair damage, prohibited gerunds and cans of fake condensed milk (since no longer existed cows).


There was nothing left outside; nothing is basically all there is - Chico, Olga, Valentina and Estela, some memories kept, others lost, some water that will last, maybe, two more days, and then, nothing more.

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