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Doomocracy |  Performance | New York - NYC, United States

Role: Performer 

Character: End of the World

Directed by Meghan Finn

Written by Pedro Reyes

Doom•oc•ra•cy (dü-ˈmä-krə-sē), n.

1. A form of government in which the supreme power is vested in a tyrant by a terrified general electorate. 2. The esoteric arithmetic that makes the electoral process malleable. 3. A corporate coup d’état in slow motion. 4. Permanent global war waged in the name of freedom. 5. A house of political horrors at the Brooklyn Army Terminal from October 7 to November 6, 2016.


Exchanging political fights for political frights, Creative Time and Pedro Reyes took over the Brooklyn Army Terminal this fall in an exciting collaboration. Doomocracy, a major new immersive installation by Reyes, marked the confluence of two events haunting the American cultural imagination: Halloween and the presidential election.


Opened to the public Oct. 7, running through Halloween, and concluding just days before the 2016 presidential election, Doomocracy occupied a vital moment in US history, offering the perfect platform and location to create real dialogue around the contemporary state of global and US politics. Doomocracy was curated by Nato Thompson and directed by Meghan Finn, and was free and open to the public.​


David Gould, Cop

Jonathan Swain, Cop

Matt Baguth, Cop

Jonny Maldonado, Cop & Swing

Marjorie Conn, Voting Poll Receptionist

Gregg Rizzo, Vote Shredder

Jenny Tibbels, Housewife Bristol

Sammy Tunis, Housewife Piper

Monique Vukovic, Soccer Mom Junkie

Quinlan Corbett, Doctor

Matthew Korahais, Coffin Salesman

Chloe Sirene, Board Room Executive

Charlie Gorrilla, Cocktail Party Host

Mia Jessup, Cocktail Party Host

Kenard Jackson, Cocktail Party Attendee

Judylee Vivier, Cocktail Party Attendee

Andrew R. Butler, Hipster Chocolatier

Rena Anakwe, Amee/Jimee-Teacher

Carolina Do, Artisanal Air Saleswoman

Lacy Rose, Pregnant Goth Girl

Megan Ermilio, Cheerleader/Picketer

Arielle Gonzalez, Cheerleader/Picketer

Shashwat Gupta, Climate Change Elevator Operator

Yasmin Santana Chaves, Segway Harvester

Clara Kundin, Smokey the Bear Harvester

Joseph Gregori, Park Ranger

Siraj Huda, Drone-Strike Family Member

Aida Aminpour, Drone-Strike Family Member

Michael Golino, Drone Pilot & Swing

Brantley Ivey, Hillary Soccer Head & Swing

Dan Sheynin, Trump Soccer Head

Robert Montana, Sandwich Board Man


Keelie Sheridan, Associate Director & Swing

Moema Umann, Assistant Director & Swing

Mariah Sanchez, Assistant Stage Manager

Amanda Tralle, Production Assistant

Arysbells Figuerdo, Production Assistant

Josephine Rose Ronga, Production Assistant

Nora Kaye, Production Assistant

Elizabeth Scopel, Production Assistant

Julia Veeh, Production Assistant

Hilary Dare, Production Assistant

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