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A Song To Keep Wolves Awake | Comedy | NYC 2019

Screenplay by: Lidiane Araujo

Dramaturgy: Patricia Marjorie

Directed by: Patricia Marjorie

Actresses: Ure Egbulho & Neysa Lozano

A Song To Keep Wolves Awake is the story of two actresses (and more than a few characters) that carries a good sense of humor in a script built from personal drama to reach a universal audience. The backbone of the story is a therapy session between Ella Wolf - the therapist, and Barbara, an actress who has been haunted by female characters who wants to see their real tories represented by her.  


During this theatrical session, Ella Wolf has to mediate this irreverent mix of woman and their demands, while she deals with a very bad behaved landlord. Mary Magdalene and Lysistrata show up to share their anguish and desires... and to question their positions as women in society. On the other hand, Doctor Ella Wolf need to deal with her own problems: like her relationship with her disrespectful male landlord. 

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